Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Yarny Days!

Baker's Dozen
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My birthday this year was more than a little shocking. For the first time, my friends decided to give me copious amounts of yarn. Part of me is giddy and the other part is, well, horrified. I probably have close to 8,000 more yards of yarn to knit up. See the conundrum? My birthday yielded a batch of new pretties that will serve to confound me over the coming years. The next few posts will contain photos of more delicious acquisitions since I usually only put up one picture at a time. My non-knitting friends did so well with their choices that I suspect devilry is afoot.

Dee shocked me with a baker's dozen of her beautifully hand-dyed yarn. The woman is gifted and she is mine! I officially marked my territory and everything, so all others (except Amy) can back off. I dimly recall flashbulbs going off when I opened the doughnut box and saw the fiber it contained. I believe a tear came to my eye, but only the camera knows for sure. The other yarn will be posted here within the next month, with equal respect. Thank you all for doing this because it was completely unexpected and I was just happy to spend time with you. Now I am going to roll around in the fibery goodness and maybe, just maybe, knit something with it.