Monday, January 24, 2011

New Hats for the New Year

Corkscrew Tassel Hat
Originally uploaded by craftytails
Project-wise, there has been a lot going on these days. During the holiday break, I finished the Mr Greenjeans cardigan and it fits like a dream. The project is a particular success because I wore it to work and no one asked if I knitted it. This may sound odd, but I am happier when someone can't tell if a garment is handmade.

Crafts aside, my main project for the year is a major overhaul on my home. Many possessions will be donated, tossed or sold within the next few months. The yarn stash will also be pared down to exclude anything I will never use. The prospect of simplifying my life is really exciting and the first round of purging already looks promising. Hours were spent organizing the button and bead stashes and everything is now stored in plastic ziplock bags in shoeboxes. This probably doesn't sound too interesting, but there is a sense of relief that comes with never having to worry about finding a specific button or buying something I already own.

Speaking of organizing, I have become addicted to making lists. The month of January has been spent on various hat-knitting projects: After knitting a few more hats, perhaps I'll make my first skirt. There are a bunch of choices out there and in making the list, I have noticed most of the patterns come from one of my favorite online resources, Knitty.In hindsight, a skirt should have been started before the cold snap. Possibly, I may be able to start on a smaller size in a few weeks after my new exercise routine is in full swing. Losing a few pounds should help me feel more motivated when picking garment patterns. My next order of business should be locating some websites with healthy, low-calorie recipes. Any ideas?