Friday, August 15, 2008

Anime Iowa - Thursday

I decided to make an account of the entire weekend, so updates will lag behind a day or two.

Thursday Pre-Flight:

In D/FW Airport, awaiting my flight to Iowa. The T-Mobile hot spot charges $10 for a day pass, so I have to go without Ravelry while I sit here. After receiving a charge of $15 to check my suitcase (and knowing I will have to pay another $15 on the way back), my financial prospects look dim for the weekend. So much for trying to treat myself with a skein of yarn from an LYS in the area!

Carrie and I have done a lot of work for the charity auction on Saturday. We are supposed to be on the same flight, but I am early and haven't seen her yet. Every time we run an auction, I am astounded at the sheer amount of time we have to spend getting signature lists, chasing down actors and figuring out pricing. This sounds incredibly boring when I see it typed out, but I can't help feeling satisfied and excited when everything is displayed. I hope all goes well. Carrying unsold items home is a huge disappointment.

Craft-wise, I am considering putting a project aside for work-knitting. There is no time to do such things on a regular basis, but I always knit when I am in the booth recording. No one seems to mind the clicking of needles in between lines. Perhaps next year I will plan a garter-stitch scarf to start in January. I will force myself not to work on it unless the need arises. This way, I will have a year's worth of shows and characters stored in the stitches; a knitted memory of sorts.

This brings up another idea. I typically relegate certain types of projects to specific situations. Simple stitch patterns are for social gatherings at home, socks are for times when I travel and complicated colorwork or lace stays at home or keeps me occupied when I can fully concentrate. My life is based on the security of routines, so why not plan projects around regular day-to-day events? I could create hats and gloves when the weekly gatherings with Michael and Joshua resume. Every time I wear the item in question, this will bring back memories of watching Doctor Who, drinking too much red wine and talking about everything and nothing until someone checks their watch and exclaims at the obscene hour. I could have a project I work on only during the times I travel to conventions, such as today. I assume this will be an easy sock project that will remind me of reuniting with old friends, making new ones and visiting strange places filled with brightly-colored costumes and the indistinguishable chatter of hundreds of voices at the same time. Most conventions pass by in the blink of an eye, so trapping each moment into a tiny stitch is a way to slow down just long enough to enjoy myself. I am so busy living in the future that I forget sometimes.

Thursday Post-Flight:

After rejoicing at the prospect of rainy weather on my dying lawn, I should have realized this was not a good sign of things to come during a flight. Turbulence was horrible and caused a poor little girl in front of me to get sick. Once the smell hit the cabin, I had to strengthen my resolve not to follow the vomit train to its destination.

We were picked up and quickly whisked to a food co-op to get some healthy snacks before hitting the hotel. I bought a bottle of wine (yeah, real healthy), but no corkscrew (typical). After joking about finding an LYS, I spotted one within the same complex. After begging the staff to take me back there on Saturday, I checked into the hotel, said hello to a few people, and piddled with charity auction items. When I picked up my badge and bag of goodies, I met a number of people, including Laura, who works on staff and is responsible for the Knit Like a Pirate website. Knowing there are knitters present makes me feel far more comfortable in a strange place.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dress Nightmares

My nemesis has finally revealed itself in the form of a bridesmaid dress. Many hours online and a full day at the mall have failed to bring me closer to finding the perfect outfit as maid of honor at my friends' wedding in two weeks. I am horrified at best and the least expensive contender is awaiting the bride's approval tomorrow. I sincerely hope she likes it, because this girlish behavior is unsavory to my sensibilities.

A few nice things have happened recently. A coworker unexpectedly bought a present for me. I have always needed a business card holder, but one that has a knitting goth girl was not something I imagined. The artist has some very cute stuff available. Also, Dee has some items for sale at Wool Girl. I am so happy she had her first wholesale order and the yarn has had regular sales. Of course!

Amy's baby shower was a lot of fun. I normally despise these types of activities, especially when games are present. In true fashion when Amy is in the mix, there was a hilarious game involving toilet paper and a diaper creation. Poor Dee was the recipient of the torture. I can't believe I had to say, "I am sorry for what is about to happen."

As pictured, the Wendy socks are coming along nicely. I love this pattern in the red yarn, but the gauge is a little small. She really needs to try one on before I knit the second sock. The pattern was chosen partially on the way it looks and partially due to the moniker of the designer. I will leave anyone who knows better to guess which was more important.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hiatus Over

I am now safely ensconced in Evil Lair 2.0, complete with new roommate and small, spoiled dog. I am partially at fault for the last bit, but who would dare judge me?

Very little knitting has been accomplished, with the exception of a few socks. My craft room is housing a long- term guest and will not be accessible until the end of the month. For the time being, I am content with reading the latest issues of Interweave Knits, Vogue Knitting and Craft Magazine that arrived within the past two weeks. My long-suffering boyfriend found a heavily-discounted copy of For the Love of Knitting and surprised me two nights ago. Although many of the essays were previously published, I have not read them before. This has become the book du jour for my nightly reading requirements.

In the interest of taking a fiber-related vacation together, Dee and I have booked our tickets to Yarn School this fall. We are horribly excited about spending four days away from our real lives, immersed in fiber. Harassing my stalkee will be no trouble if we are staying in the same room. Knitting + Dyeing + Spinning + Stalking. What more could I want? Dee and I have decided to drive there, which will be much cheaper and easier than booking flights. And what will we talk about for over 7 hours each way? You guessed it...

Next weekend, I will be at Anime Iowa to help with the charity auction supporting the local chapter of the American Red Cross. The flooding caused a lot damage, so we are trying to help with recovery efforts. We put together a huge box filled with rare items, so I am hoping for the best this year.

Later in the month, I will be in Las Vegas for a very special wedding. Since I have agreed to be the maid of honor, the onus falls on me to make sure the bachelorette party is nothing short of disgraceful. If I am not up to the challenge, who is?