Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hiatus Over

I am now safely ensconced in Evil Lair 2.0, complete with new roommate and small, spoiled dog. I am partially at fault for the last bit, but who would dare judge me?

Very little knitting has been accomplished, with the exception of a few socks. My craft room is housing a long- term guest and will not be accessible until the end of the month. For the time being, I am content with reading the latest issues of Interweave Knits, Vogue Knitting and Craft Magazine that arrived within the past two weeks. My long-suffering boyfriend found a heavily-discounted copy of For the Love of Knitting and surprised me two nights ago. Although many of the essays were previously published, I have not read them before. This has become the book du jour for my nightly reading requirements.

In the interest of taking a fiber-related vacation together, Dee and I have booked our tickets to Yarn School this fall. We are horribly excited about spending four days away from our real lives, immersed in fiber. Harassing my stalkee will be no trouble if we are staying in the same room. Knitting + Dyeing + Spinning + Stalking. What more could I want? Dee and I have decided to drive there, which will be much cheaper and easier than booking flights. And what will we talk about for over 7 hours each way? You guessed it...

Next weekend, I will be at Anime Iowa to help with the charity auction supporting the local chapter of the American Red Cross. The flooding caused a lot damage, so we are trying to help with recovery efforts. We put together a huge box filled with rare items, so I am hoping for the best this year.

Later in the month, I will be in Las Vegas for a very special wedding. Since I have agreed to be the maid of honor, the onus falls on me to make sure the bachelorette party is nothing short of disgraceful. If I am not up to the challenge, who is?

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Anonymous said...

"Evil Lair 2.0"?? Why do I picture you clad in a floor-length black cape pacing back and forth methodically in front of a wall-sized map of the country with red stick pins embedded in it at various places, then a solitary minion nervously approaches, hands you an envelope, and backs away, cowering as in fear. Next you tear it open and read it, laughing manically at the successful completion of yet another project, and place a new red stick pin in the map. Finally, you resume pacing as the rest of the minions look on, greatful for their ignorance of just what it is you have done this black day.