Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Neverending Move Story

Moving to a new home has truly been one of the most terrifying nightmares in my recent history. I thought the horror would end today, but lo! We encountered a slew of irritating situations, but this one wins the grand prize.

Due to the size of my desk, we had to bring it through the back door and lift it over the guard rail. In order to move it through, I had to place my dining table in the back of the house. Now, this is a house split into four apartments and I have been very safe and secure there for the past few years. About 15 minutes after my friends moved the desk, I wandered outside to find my table missing. My friends said they didn't remember placing it into the van. I panicked. The first stop was the neighbor across the foyer. I could hear sounds coming from within the apartment (hardwood floors never lie), but no one answered when I knocked. When I went upstairs, no one was home, so I frantically called the property manager. He said the tenant across the way asked him about the table and he told them to speak to me. I knocked on their door again after my boyfriend saw people through the open blinds. When they answered, they claimed that I threw the table away so they took it. I immediately got it back, but I was (and still am) in complete shock. Obviously, they waited until we went inside to make their move. I would expect this from a stranger, but having a neighbor blatantly steal from me is something new to file into my paranoid brian.

At least they didn't steal my yarn, right?

Speaking of which, I really appreciate all of the messages responding to my request for yarn donation ideas. I ended up bringing the bags to my LYS to aid in a rehabilitation program at a women's prison.

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