Saturday, June 21, 2008

Surprises This Week

I bought another plastic tub for my yarn only to find that I still have too much. Once I move, it is definitely time for a major stash-busting project. The morning "walk of shame" was nowhere near as humbling.

Today, I logged into my Flickr account and noticed an unusual amount of activity on my evil router photo. For a lark, I uploaded this to the CRAFT Flickr Pool and discovered that they featured this on their blog. I am pleasantly surprised by the sweet comment, especially because the picture was taken a long time ago with a very crappy digital camera that died later the same day.

Another surprise occurred when someone at work gave me several copies of the July issue of Anime Insider. I answered a few questions a while back and they printed a brief interview.

These minor, but nice things have help me feel a little calmer during one of the most stressful times I have had in years.

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Caroline said...

Thatnks for the comment :) Yeah, I have insanely large numbers of boks, being addicted to reading and words, and regrettably my craft books are beginning to expand also.. but it will all end, and soon you (and hopefully I) will be settled in a new place again, accumulating yet more stuff.