Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Roll That Beautiful Nerd Footage!

Evil Router
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I am stuck again with The Cat. He is the epitome of evil amongst gorgeous orange tabby cats. Fraught with anger, he often lavishes me with "tooth kisses". My stalkee says this is called "biting" in most households. If this is true, why would it be red? Everyone knows this is the color of love.

Less disturbing, but equally addictive (like cats!), the lovely Dee has managed to oversell her membership of sock clubs. Look and weep, fiber enthusiasts!

Craft-related, I made the angry plush router a few holidays ago for my friend Mel, who brilliantly writes cat snark. This is an underrated form of entertainment, if you ask me. Knowing she is a technical guru, I made something I understood, which is an evil wireless connection. And yes, I think of these stupid projects when I am not thinking about work. It doesn't happen often these days.

I want to take a moment to speak about my soon-to-be-roommate. She is intelligent, kind, responsible and beautiful (inside and out). I have spent the last ten years thinking I was incompatible with someone in my home, and I simply didn't pick the right people. Cheers to the redhead who brings the sarcasm like it's going out of style and having a sewing machine of her own.

In case this post was too cat-centric, I want to publicly state that I am militant pro-bunny. All animals are adorable, but rabbits are exceptional.

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