Monday, May 26, 2008

Project: Beanie

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Although I received a number of helpful messages regarding toe-up socks, I found myself in a lot of social situations this weekend. This was not conducive to focusing on a new technique, so I decided to start knitting the first round of beanies for this year's Christmas party. I know I have plenty of time, but I don't wish to be caught with my trousers down. Again.

This is a mindless, but effective stash-busting project. I have ridiculous amounts of Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride worsted weight yarn in many different colors. I bought them on compulsion every time I saw a something I liked. They will now be dedicated to a large number of beanies and felted goodies. I still have a backlog of requested items, but I should get the bulk of the miscellaneous knitting out of the way as soon as possible. I am not sure if anyone wants mittens, so I will probably throw a few into the box to see if they get snatched up. If not, I can always donate to charity. I am really looking forward to using leftover scraps for striped hats, bags and pillows in order to get my stash down to a reasonable amount. My sock yarn has been consolidated into two small bins for easy access if I feel the need.

To Do List in no particular order:
  • Charcoal Gray Scarf (Kevin)
  • Brown Hat (Mark)
  • Cream Scarf (Jee)
  • Black Scarf (Joe)
  • Red Socks (Wendy)
  • Bearded Toque (Eli)
  • Black Socks (Joshua)
  • Soviet Republic Hat (Antimere)
  • Surprise Project (Andy)
  • Surprise Project (Taliesin)
  • Durrow Sweater (Chris)
  • Surprise Project (Dee)
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    Alarming Female said...

    good luck with the socks!