Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Throwing Up My Hands in Despair

Brain overload from work has caused me to punk out on the toe-up sock knitting attempts when I return home in the evenings. I will resume all efforts to beat this technique like the bully I am. For the time being, I will remain content with the knowledge that I can begin a pair of BFF socks with Dee's yarn. I searched for patterns that I thought were worthy of her pretty hand-dyed stuffs and finally settled on this one. These will be made in honor of our one-year 'anniversary' after I finish her gift project.

Knitty has an online survey for those of you who like to give feedback to sites we often use.

Oh, and the pictured yarn? This is the lovely kid mohair/merino/nylon concoction I received as a gift. I couldn't do the purple/smoke gray colors justice in the photo, but I plan to try when I decide to make something out of it. Too bad the yarn doesn't have any gauge suggestions on the ball band. I think I will cheat and call the store to find out.

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