Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Yarn Donation Ideas Needed

Nearly three years have passed since I began knitting and the stash has grown to embarrassing proportions. I have many skeins of yarn that have been picked up at thrift stores or given to me. Since I am moving next month and need to purge the stash, I am looking for places to donate the yarn. Any ideas?


Jenn said...

I know that a customer at Yarns Ewenique was looking for some to donate to a non-profit group. If you call them, I'm sure they can tell you more, and I know they are willing to take any kind of fiber.

Zabet said...

I'm willing to take some nice yarns to redistribute among the AC flock. You can't imagine how many times I day I hear "wool is sooo expensive!" or "I only knit with acrylic because it's the only thing my LYS (which is a WalMart) carries."

Aly said...

Um, well, I'm supposed to be showering someone who knits with gifts via a sort of "secret santa" type deal. If you want to send some to her, I'd even pay you for shipping via PayPal.

ladydjg said...

Not Sure where you are located but if you are in Canada please contact me and I will be happy to help you get the yarn to many children learning to crochet for therapy.

Anonymous said...

Don't know if you still have available yarn but our Church knits for the homeless and shut-ins. Please contact me if you are willing to ship to Bay Area, CA.


Leslie in Leesburg said...

Did you find a new home for your yarn? I currently crochet for Project Linus in Northern Virginia thru my church. They are another great organization to give to. I'm getting geared up to start crocheting again for the winter and they can always use donations. Thanks,

Ilse said...

I am looking for yarn to make "snuggles" for homeless animals for The Snuggles Project. You can read about it here :,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/
If you interested, I could use any amount of leftover/unwanted synthetic yarn. Thanks.

I can be contacted at

Anonymous said...

If you or anyone else has any yarn to donate, The Assistance League of Kansas City, is always in need of yarn. They make hats and scarves for foster children and children in need. Please feel free to send your donations to:

Assistance League of Kansas City
Attn: Vickie Hill
6101 N. Chestnut Avenue
Gladstone, MO 64118

If you can't donate yarn, but would like to help, we would also accept checks payable to The Assistance League of Kansas City at the same address.

Thanks everyone. Vickie

Sandra said...

I make animals and hats for children. Yarn donations are greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I would love to have any yarn you are willing to give me, I do not care what color or how much. I do a lot of charity work, right now I am working on a project for a nursing home. I also do hats for women, men, children, babies, homeless. I also do scarves and afghans. All my work is unique, I do not use a pattern. God bless you for your kindness if you can help me with my yarn needs. Thanks so much. Belinda