Friday, April 25, 2008

The Mojo Returns!

Well... Sort of.

After a nice discussion with one of my partners in crime today, I have decided to start scheming again. Felted recycled sweaters? Check. A plethora of cigar boxes? Check. A bag full of wine corks and a frightening amount of buttons? Hell yeah. I feel another plan for Christmas gifts about to go hideously awry. The train derails every year, so why should 2008 be any different? As per my usual custom, I will take my trusted associate down with me. I usually keep copious amounts of wine on-hand to keep the rats from deserting the sinking ship. Trust me, it works. (About as well as the gratuitous use of the time-honored cliché.)

The bad man came to town recently and bore gifts of Japanese erasers and a t-shirt. This means that I now have enough food-shaped erasers to complete another shadowbox for the kitchen. When I decide to get less lazy with the camera, I will post a photo of the version currently adorning my wall.

One of my oldest friends dropped in from Boston last week with his baby boy in tow. Jacob is incredibly endearing and I can't help but wonder what he thought of daddy's chicken hat. Considering Brian wore a rat hat when he met my mother, this is considered "classy" and a step up.

Since the magic of knitting seems to have dissipated briefly, I am going to see if my new idea gets me going again. Seriously, I need a bit of a kick-start in order to finish the scarves I have promised, while properly torturing my other friends with wildly inappropriate handmade gifts.

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Knitted Cap Knitwork said...

Sorry I just noticed your comment. You can still send in your hats, that was just the deadlilne for the first boxes. This is an on going project so you still have time.