Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Crafty? Not So Much...

Hand-sewn Sperm Wallet
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I have been horribly remiss in my productivity these days, hence the photo of something I made a few years ago. There will be no egg-charging in my household, thank you very much.

Work has kept me very busy and I have spent my precious knitting minutes trolling Ravelry (It's a disgusting addiction, I know.) and voyeuristically peering at Dee's store to see what she has sold. Stalking takes many forms.

I am very pleased to say that I mistakenly lied about the total for the charity auction at Anime Detour this past weekend. As it turns out, I was given an incorrect total. Instead of $10,171, we managed to raise $10,221 for the Twin Cities Red Cross! This completely obliterated last year's total, which was a little over $6,000. As always, the staff and attendees were amazing. All of us felt so welcome and the outpouring of support was something to behold. I attempted to keep the look of shock from my face, and I fear I failed. The auctioneers included my partner in charity crime, Carrie Savage and Chris Ayres, Chris Bevins, Jamie Marchi and Kristofer McCormic. Staffers Christina and Jayson deserve a lot of appreciation for their tireless hours making sure everything went smoothly. And of course, the entire guest relations staff spoiled us for most other conventions. I seriously think Jamie is ruint!

Despite the schedules and hectic charity auction business, I managed to get in some yarn-related time. A coworker who lives in the area took me to the Yarn Cafe. They have their own brand of 100% wool yarn (Minnesota, go figure) that is to DIE FOR. I stashed some by accident, mind you.

I also hung out with a few other egregious enablers. Linda (lovely guest relations coordinator) gave me three skeins of Caron Simply Soft and Daniel (Seoul Man) handed me a Mashimaro doll in traditional Korean dress. To top off this gratuitous bribery, all guests received a gift bag with Pocky, first-aid kits and handmade Umbrella Corporation pins. I had so much stuff that I sat on my suitcase to zip the sides. Thankfully, Jamie was kind enough to smuggle my bunny back to Texas safely...

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