Sunday, April 13, 2008

Rogue Knitting

The beanie I made for a coworker has been completed. I have also made some progress on the ribbed sock from the fist skein of sock yarn I purchased. The colorway is Chocolate Covered Kisses from Hill Country Yarns Sweet Feet. Although the base yarn initially felt a little rough, the knitted fabric feels incredibly soft.

After searching around, I decided on a pattern for the Mooncake yarn purchased in Minnesota. Always late to the game, I plan on making the Rogue Hoodie. The subtle color changes within the yarn should compliment the pattern nicely. Once I finally complete my Central Park Hoodie, I will allow myself to start this project. I am racking up UFOs like it's going out of style. Hopefully, a few new photos tonight will clear up some lingering WIPs on my Ravelry list.

Once I move to a new location, the toilet paper pattern should be a good decoration for the bathroom. If all goes well, I can decorate the place with all manner of knitted stuffs. Among plans to complete Christmas knitting on time, making my new nest look and feel cozy is one of the top priorities. The Hemlock Ring Blanket and a number of overstuffed pillows should do the trick. Perhaps some kitchen items are in order, although I loathe knitting dishcloths for some reason.

Another enabling friend gave me five skeins of Lion Brand Color Waves that she found at a garage sale. During episodes of Doctor Who, I will start a mindless, easy-care blanket for overnight guests. It won't be a thing of great beauty, but it promises to be damn comfy.

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