Friday, April 25, 2008

The Mojo Returns!

Well... Sort of.

After a nice discussion with one of my partners in crime today, I have decided to start scheming again. Felted recycled sweaters? Check. A plethora of cigar boxes? Check. A bag full of wine corks and a frightening amount of buttons? Hell yeah. I feel another plan for Christmas gifts about to go hideously awry. The train derails every year, so why should 2008 be any different? As per my usual custom, I will take my trusted associate down with me. I usually keep copious amounts of wine on-hand to keep the rats from deserting the sinking ship. Trust me, it works. (About as well as the gratuitous use of the time-honored cliché.)

The bad man came to town recently and bore gifts of Japanese erasers and a t-shirt. This means that I now have enough food-shaped erasers to complete another shadowbox for the kitchen. When I decide to get less lazy with the camera, I will post a photo of the version currently adorning my wall.

One of my oldest friends dropped in from Boston last week with his baby boy in tow. Jacob is incredibly endearing and I can't help but wonder what he thought of daddy's chicken hat. Considering Brian wore a rat hat when he met my mother, this is considered "classy" and a step up.

Since the magic of knitting seems to have dissipated briefly, I am going to see if my new idea gets me going again. Seriously, I need a bit of a kick-start in order to finish the scarves I have promised, while properly torturing my other friends with wildly inappropriate handmade gifts.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Blah Lately

Plush Breakfast Duo
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I am feeling completely burned out these days, so not much has gone on with my knitting. A vacation is definitely in order if I can manage to leave work for a week.

The blanket is nearly 40% finished and will make a nice throw for the couch. The bouclé texture is driving me crazy and I can't wait to work on a project where the yarn doesn't attempt to hook itself on my needles.

A ribbed sock is close to completion, but I think I need to go back to the rpm's for a while. My impending Christmas knitting is leaving me worried about time. Once I move, a yarn hunt is in order for the perfect colors to make the crazy number of scarves that people have requested. One would think that I would be able to make use of the huge stash. Unfortunately, people asked for the only colors that I don't have. Neutrals. Perhaps some Cascade Ecological Wool will do the trick.

Again, feeling so... blah. Perhaps tending to the yarn babies this weekend for my friend's store will help with the inspiration problems.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Rogue Knitting

The beanie I made for a coworker has been completed. I have also made some progress on the ribbed sock from the fist skein of sock yarn I purchased. The colorway is Chocolate Covered Kisses from Hill Country Yarns Sweet Feet. Although the base yarn initially felt a little rough, the knitted fabric feels incredibly soft.

After searching around, I decided on a pattern for the Mooncake yarn purchased in Minnesota. Always late to the game, I plan on making the Rogue Hoodie. The subtle color changes within the yarn should compliment the pattern nicely. Once I finally complete my Central Park Hoodie, I will allow myself to start this project. I am racking up UFOs like it's going out of style. Hopefully, a few new photos tonight will clear up some lingering WIPs on my Ravelry list.

Once I move to a new location, the toilet paper pattern should be a good decoration for the bathroom. If all goes well, I can decorate the place with all manner of knitted stuffs. Among plans to complete Christmas knitting on time, making my new nest look and feel cozy is one of the top priorities. The Hemlock Ring Blanket and a number of overstuffed pillows should do the trick. Perhaps some kitchen items are in order, although I loathe knitting dishcloths for some reason.

Another enabling friend gave me five skeins of Lion Brand Color Waves that she found at a garage sale. During episodes of Doctor Who, I will start a mindless, easy-care blanket for overnight guests. It won't be a thing of great beauty, but it promises to be damn comfy.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Crafty? Not So Much...

Hand-sewn Sperm Wallet
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I have been horribly remiss in my productivity these days, hence the photo of something I made a few years ago. There will be no egg-charging in my household, thank you very much.

Work has kept me very busy and I have spent my precious knitting minutes trolling Ravelry (It's a disgusting addiction, I know.) and voyeuristically peering at Dee's store to see what she has sold. Stalking takes many forms.

I am very pleased to say that I mistakenly lied about the total for the charity auction at Anime Detour this past weekend. As it turns out, I was given an incorrect total. Instead of $10,171, we managed to raise $10,221 for the Twin Cities Red Cross! This completely obliterated last year's total, which was a little over $6,000. As always, the staff and attendees were amazing. All of us felt so welcome and the outpouring of support was something to behold. I attempted to keep the look of shock from my face, and I fear I failed. The auctioneers included my partner in charity crime, Carrie Savage and Chris Ayres, Chris Bevins, Jamie Marchi and Kristofer McCormic. Staffers Christina and Jayson deserve a lot of appreciation for their tireless hours making sure everything went smoothly. And of course, the entire guest relations staff spoiled us for most other conventions. I seriously think Jamie is ruint!

Despite the schedules and hectic charity auction business, I managed to get in some yarn-related time. A coworker who lives in the area took me to the Yarn Cafe. They have their own brand of 100% wool yarn (Minnesota, go figure) that is to DIE FOR. I stashed some by accident, mind you.

I also hung out with a few other egregious enablers. Linda (lovely guest relations coordinator) gave me three skeins of Caron Simply Soft and Daniel (Seoul Man) handed me a Mashimaro doll in traditional Korean dress. To top off this gratuitous bribery, all guests received a gift bag with Pocky, first-aid kits and handmade Umbrella Corporation pins. I had so much stuff that I sat on my suitcase to zip the sides. Thankfully, Jamie was kind enough to smuggle my bunny back to Texas safely...