Sunday, July 19, 2009

Small Yarn, Big Smile

Chevron Scarf
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The aftershocks of the move continue to plague me, so I have turned to crafty pursuits to bury my woes.

Leah loved the finished chevron scarf so much that I decided to cast on for another (pictured)... and promptly lost the project in the vortex of boxes within my apartment. This was the icing on the bad-week cake, so I decided to cast on for the Featherweight Cardigan in order to keep my brain occupied. I bought a few skeins of Knit Picks Shadow in the Vineyard Heather colorway a while back with no specific project in mind. Eyeing the lace-weight fiber in my stash caused consternation a few months ago when I came to the realization that the yarn was too dark to show stitch definition and probably not an ideal choice for lace. This may end well, as I have been trying to figure out how to make a sweater in record-high temperatures. A pullover and a cardigan continue to lurk in the UFO pile until the heat subsides enough for me to bear working with heavy wool. The cardigan pattern will not only help me use the yarn, but is simple and light enough to carry with me when temperatures go well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Perhaps making a cardigan out of lace-weight yarn is a bit masochistic. Perhaps I am subconsciously preparing my brain to work on the Abotanicity sweater, which may be a relief in comparison. Checking the gauge, however, tells me otherwise.

Given a choice, I love lightweight sweaters that hug curves. I often find that chunky or bulky tops make me look like a pig in a blanket. Oddly enough, it makes no difference how much or how little I weigh. Thick clothing tends to overpower my features and looks either like a hand-me-down from an older sibling or an oddly-chosen costume. Neither option is particularly attractive to me.

These facts have not diminished my passion for the Buttony Sweater. Some bulky yarn was purchased during a sale with specific intentions on making this cardigan. Sadly, new garments will have to wait until I attack the increasing number of UFOs with full, systematic eradication.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Good Lighting? Never!

I found a drawback to my new home. The windows are positioned in manner that is not conducive to natural light. This means I have to actually do some research and become more skilled with photography. The horrible pictures I have taken of knitting projects lately are not to be tolerated. Thus, another portion of my laziness comes to an end. Damn you, apartment, for attempting to increase my skill set.

The chevron scarf for my darling friend is going to come to a bitter sweet end this evening. Sweet because it will finally be finished and bitter because I knit yet another scarf. I fully believe many people can sympathize with my scarf dilemma. Although they are wonderfully practical items, the actual process is slightly more interesting than watching paint dry. The pattern choice really doesn't matter because this is a series of repeats that simply feel like they go on and on... for eternity. I appreciate the simple pattern and gorgeous product. The inherent problem lies with my easily distracted brain, often drawn to late-night phone calls and accounts at these newfangled places like Twitter or Netflix. Those young whippersnappers are truly on to something.

Now, to the obligatory Cthulhian portion of this post. I must confess a deep, unabated obsession with all-things-Lovecraft. My stalking of Zabet will take a new and hideous turn after seeing a Cthulhu cross stitch pattern posted on the website. Cross stitch and I had a tumultuous relationship, resulting in a several beautiful children. Nonetheless, this is not my preferred technique and yet I have found myself yearning to pick up the embroidery hoop and needle again. Be warned.