Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sock Club Goodness and Subsequent Peril

I can't help feeling guilty. I have so much of Dee's yarn and not one pair of socks has been knitted yet. Determined to rectify this travesty, I attempted to start The Firestarter pattern. Accustomed to knitting from the top down, the provisional cast on with short row toe is completely daunting. After viewing numerous online tutorials, I have given up and begged for help. I typically have a tough time learning from pictures if I don't understand how the construction works. Embarrassing, yes.

The first installment of her club is pictured here, in the Mascot colorway. Although I think this richly deserves a pair of Monkeys or Jaywalkers, I am determined to work from the toe up. It seems that every time I feel comfortable with my crafty prowess, a different technique knocks me sideways. This is enough of an annoyance to beat a pattern into submission. A fair and reasonable response, I think.

This week, I was able to nearly finish a new stash-busting pattern. Photos will be posted forthwith, once blocking has been completed and a button affixed.

In "real" life, my muscles ache and my brain is crying, "Uncle!" Red wine helps slightly, but the pork medallions and jasmine rice cooked by my partner in crime are a greater asset. Speaking of which, he went to Los Angeles with only one request: "If you see locally hand-dyed or hand-spun yarn, pick it up!" I was not disappointed. If we don't end up working out, he is ruined for all non-crafty women. They will never understand his intimate knowledge of worsted weight kid mohair/merino blended yarn that has been dyed to perfection. Horrified, they will ask him to stop asking for hand-knitted superwash socks. In honor of his crafty awareness, I finally bought yarn for his Christmas sweater. This is a scary leap, but one that is well-deserved. I plan to make this in a heathered medium brown. Never will he read this journal and never will he understand that I am a complete process-knitter. I feel a sense of loss every time I finish a project. I only make a point to do so in order to start on the next thing. The sweater? I am dying to make such a simply constructed project. He loves classic design with a slight twist, so I will let him think this is about the final object, OK?

And the rest of the Christmas gifts? I have a plan. Aside from the items I have promised, I will knit whatever I want throughout the year. This can be hats, scarves, gloves, toys or something completely frivolous. At the yearly Christmas party, I will bring a box full of knitted stuff and ask people to pick what they want. This will end up being far more meaningful and personal than a giftcard at a chain store.


Lissa said...

I never could figure out a provisional cast on. So I use Judy's Magic Cast On and increase every couple of rounds (but I like a deep toe; your mileage may vary). Took me a few tries to get it but I know well you're smart, so you'll be able to suss it out.

Jinxsa said...

The first article on toe-ups I used was by Wendy of Wendy kNITS, . It was helpful but I started using an article by Ann Budd in Summer 07 IK and found it easier to apply to a range of patterns.

Turkish cast on still mystifies me. I simply take 2 DPNS and cast a stitch on DPN A then B and so forth until there is the right number. So far no one can tell I "cheated". My favourite toe-up pattern to date is "Kaylee" by Monkey Toes, it should be available in Ravelry.

Hope that Helps.