Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dress Nightmares

My nemesis has finally revealed itself in the form of a bridesmaid dress. Many hours online and a full day at the mall have failed to bring me closer to finding the perfect outfit as maid of honor at my friends' wedding in two weeks. I am horrified at best and the least expensive contender is awaiting the bride's approval tomorrow. I sincerely hope she likes it, because this girlish behavior is unsavory to my sensibilities.

A few nice things have happened recently. A coworker unexpectedly bought a present for me. I have always needed a business card holder, but one that has a knitting goth girl was not something I imagined. The artist has some very cute stuff available. Also, Dee has some items for sale at Wool Girl. I am so happy she had her first wholesale order and the yarn has had regular sales. Of course!

Amy's baby shower was a lot of fun. I normally despise these types of activities, especially when games are present. In true fashion when Amy is in the mix, there was a hilarious game involving toilet paper and a diaper creation. Poor Dee was the recipient of the torture. I can't believe I had to say, "I am sorry for what is about to happen."

As pictured, the Wendy socks are coming along nicely. I love this pattern in the red yarn, but the gauge is a little small. She really needs to try one on before I knit the second sock. The pattern was chosen partially on the way it looks and partially due to the moniker of the designer. I will leave anyone who knows better to guess which was more important.

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Alarming Female said...

heh. You know AF's other name, I suppose?

Love the socks in that color. Beautiful work.