Monday, February 2, 2009

Exceeding the Life Expectancy

Robert Kidd
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After the initial jolt from the yarn influx last month, my boyfriend found a huge sale at a local fabric store near his home. Since he is a craft-friendly sort, he walked out with a bag of ten skeins of Plymouth Suri Alpaca. There are five balls of two different shades of gray which cost less than $20. Despite my ridiculous need to not accrue any more fiber, I asked him to go back to see if there was anything nice left over. He found a slew of bamboo needles and ten more skeins of Plymouth Royal Llama Silk in mauve. I am quite set for many years to come and hope I can actually begin to de-stash some of the newcomers (and old standbys) lurking in my closet.

The fiber pictured here is some loveliness that Del and Andy brought on my birthday. There is no gauge, suggested needle size or yardage. Online searches drew a blank, so my best bet is to visit the LYS where it was purchased and ask probing questions. Oh, and attempt to refrain from buying more yarn.


Caroline said...

Wow... I need a partner like that! Closest I have is my lovely housemate, who always thinks of me if she sees wool on Freecycle, and brought me back some lovely handmade wool from her Orkney holiday... which also has no instructions, so I'm at a total loss as to what to do with it! Deeply envious of the yarn stash... although if I can get the hang of crochet mine will diminish quickly and I'll have to restock :D

Del said...

Refraining is for hos. FOR HOS!

Zabet said...

I'm inclined to agree with Del. (Why wouldn't I?)

Also? You are a pansy-ass knitter Clarine if you don't just grab some needles and start swatching. "Ohhhh, there's no sugesstions!! Wah!!!" Pull up your panties and swatch!