Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Just Sock It

Sockhead Hat
Originally uploaded by craftytails
Happily, the chevron scarf is finally finished and moved out of WIP status in my Ravelry queue. Poor impulse control, however, has caused me to relapse into start-itis. There is a convention in Fort Worth this weekend and I need a mindless project to keep my hands occupied during panels. No one can tell me if they think it's rude to knit while speaking in public. Perhaps it's because the idea that someone would bring yarn and needles onto an anime-related panel is fairly farfetched. Whatever the case, I will accept this reality until someone has a compelling and valid reason why knitting shouldn't be allowed. And for the record, it better be convincing.

This brings me to the pictured project. After languishing in the stash since my last birthday, Dee's stunning Iris colorway is finally getting a new lease on life in the form of a Sockhead Hat. After staring longingly at the skein for quite some time, I decided it was far too beautiful to knit into a pair of socks. Some yarns deserve to be showcased in more public forum. Everyone should know the dyeing expertise inherent in Blue Hands Fibers.

Speaking of talented ladies in my stalking social circle, Zabet Stewart is personally handling a "going out of print" sale on books at the AntiCraft website. There are only 115 copies left at this writing and these projects belong in any interesting crafter's collection. They even have a cephalopod menstrual cup cozy! Seriously, people. If this isn't your cup of tea, then check out the other projects that are not knitting-related. Cross-stitch, sewing, crochet and others represent, yo. And where else can you purchase a discount book that Zabet “may” have snogged? Hotness.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I have completely altered my appearance. Apparently so drastically that various bartenders, the TSA (almost got rejected from airline travel to Oni-Con) and acquaintances (at NYAF) no longer recognize me. After looking at old photos and realizing I looked like a tomboy, this is a good change. New ID pictures will have to be taken, but I am pleased to look somewhat more feminine. Best to let suckers figure out the true nature through personality. Predators in the wild are typically spotted by their colorful plumage or colors. Guess losing 35 pounds and growing my hair out makes this coral snake less poisonous, at least to the casual observer.


Vieva said...

Personally, I think as long as you're not *staring at* the knitting, knitting while speaking is fine.

It's a lot better than fidgeting with something, right?

And that yarn is BEAUTIFUL .. gods I wish I could use wool ... *whimper*

Ken said...

The sockhead hat was a really gorgeous work to see in progress.

As for knitting at panels, I'd be disappointed if you stopped. It's definitely not rude, has never caused a problem, and I enjoy seeing it. I consider myself the relevant outside authority on this question, so if anyone ever argues the contrary then they are obviously wrong.

And I don't know about poisonous, but you look more dangerous every time I see you.

Yeah, I think I just flirted with you a little there. Please don't bite me. :O