Thursday, January 17, 2008

Systematic UFO Eradication

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Seriously, I just finished three projects, including my oldest UFO. I have not posted them as complete on Ravelry yet, as I still need to take photographs. That website has really changed my knitting process in a more obsessive, fanatical sort of way. Who knew it could possibly get worse?

This year has brought on a strong urge to complete the hibernating projects lingering around the house. The strawberry purse will be finished. This I swear.

I have a few pictures to show off, but gifts need to be delivered to their intended recipients first. In lieu of actual knitting, I am flashing more yarn porn, in the form of Mirasol Miski. This is spun from 100% baby llama and is indescribably soft. I found these skeins a while back when I went to my LYS for something completely different. (Yes, I'm one of those people.) Like any garden variety yarn pervert, I shamelessly groped my way around the store until my hands found their way to these hot little numbers. I would have felt guilty about grabbing them so roughly without an introduction, but I ended up paying dearly for just enough yardage to make a buttery soft hat. Sold into the slavery that is my illicit yarn stash, they currently await the poking of the needles. Shh... It's our little secret.

Speaking of dirty doings, I met my favorite internet stalker/stalkee at Ohayocon on my birthday. The meeting went rather well, I thought. No protective order was filed and the police were conspicuously absent. Either she is slipping, or I am.

In the true nature of finally connecting with crafty friends, I have received my first knitted present from someone who is not a relative. If Dee posts a photograph of the gorgeous scarf she made, I fully plan to steal and post it here. I would take my own photo, but I have already worn it on a number of occasions and I am under the opinion that anything I touch has visible paw prints. Or tabby cat fur, take your pick.

The craft panel at Ohayocon was rather intimate (read small), but productive. Several men were knitting and two wore Luchador masks. I love the anime community.

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