Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A Sock for All Seasons

Simple Socks
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This is a mushy post. Be warned!

I have finally started working on a pair of socks for my long-suffering boyfriend. 2008 will mark our fourth year together and I feel a sense of peace when I knit for him. There are so many things I can say about our relationship, but I will stick to the crafty stuff here. He is the type of person who will tell me if he sees an LYS I haven't heard of; the sort of man to cook dinner when I am too obsessive to put down the needles; and most importantly, the person who happily wears everything I make and brags about owning hand-knitted items. He deserves the thousands of stitches that make up a sock. He deserves my constant search for patterns that suit his personality and style. He knows and understands that every time I make him a present, it is a public declaration of my love. I have had boyfriends in the past who were supportive, but none who are as openly proud of my craft and, well frankly, me.

2007 was a relatively quiet year, taken up mainly by focusing on the demands of my job. My old friends and family have once again demonstrated their loyalty, strength and patience. My newer friends have, in a short period of time, managed to inspire me and bring warmth into my life. Four friends had healthy children. My closest friend from childhood married a wonderful man and we finally healed ourselves and our friendship. There were unhappy times when I tried to turn on myself. No one would let me. In a few days, I turn 30. I wondered how I would react, but I can honestly now say that I don't miss my 20s. Not a single bit. The frustration, the fear and the regret have finally calmed and I can move forward. I resolve to not have resolutions, to not make pie crust promises that I won't keep.


Anonymous said...

This would be Joe. Happy Birthday Sweets!

Zabet said...

I mock your lack of postiness. Oh, and this: stalk stalk stalk

Hrm, I probably shouldn't encourage your other, less savory stalkers.

S.C. said...

There is absolutely something so right about knitting, or creating things in general, even if they're silly or such...