Saturday, March 1, 2008

No Knitting After Midnight

After a week that felt longer than it should have, I decided to make some progress on my Skully sweater. The rich tapestry of my knitting fantasy life has shown me scenes of laughing at the freezing air during my upcoming trip to Minnesota. I am going to make the sweater on time, but the reality is not the perfection I dreamed. To be honest, I have never finished knitting an entire sweater before and this is an exercise in patience. After carefully following the directions, I realized the neck line looked ugly where I picked up the stitches and sewed the ribbing together. It fit perfectly, so I figured I would do things my way. The neck got ripped out and I tried it once more by sewing up both shoulders first and then knitting the neck ribbing in the round. Somehow, it got a lot smaller than the first time and I can't get it over my head now. Tomorrow, I will remedy this evil and I vow never to knit while tired. After midnight, I think the little Gizmo that is my current craft project turns into a sadistic gremlin.

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