Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My So-Called Glamorous Life

Unknown Tweed
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So... What is entailed with said glamorous life? Lots of work, little knitting and a vague concept of a social life. In three days, I have canceled plans twice in order to work on spreadsheets. Excel is so punk rock.

Speaking of punk rock, I am so thankful I decided to knit the skully sweater in a coffee brown bulky yarn with lime green skulls. We will see if I have it ready in time for the next convention in April. Knitting time is now scarce, but bulky yarn is quite forgiving and quick.

Also, happy belated birthday to the lovely Lady Dee. In true scary fashion, we managed to book salon appointments at the same place within an hour of each other. She was on her way out when I arrived. These coincidences are typical and slightly disturbing.

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Dee said...

and paint our nails the same color... and have similar socks... what's really fun about it is leaving people to guess, 'Did they plan this or is it really a wrinkle in time?' Thank you for the birthday wishes!