Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy New Year!

I realize this is the year of the rat, but snakes can hope for a good one too, right?

This weekend, nearly all of my work-related friends are out of town at various conventions. And what does this mean? A lot of pet-sitting! One sweet Akita and the usual angry Tabby (who need to be regularly dosed with canine separation anxiety medication).

The Bad Man: "So, you are staying at home like a sane person."
Me: "If the word sane covers fighting and drugging a cat."

Tomorrow I finally return to my regularly scheduled social life with a therapeutic visit to Dee's house. A horror/comedy movie marathon will follow the next day, with back-to-back screenings of Lake Placid and Black Sheep. Although my Central Park Hoodie is coming along nicely, I think attacking my plethora of Hallowigs is far more appropriate. The glowing orange wig is complete and I am working on the pink colorway. If I have enough tacky neon yarn left in my stash, a green one will be added to the mix. My models have been carefully selected from the wide range of degenerates lurking within my stash of friends. Yes, I said stash. They just don't know it yet.

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