Monday, August 17, 2009


Due to an excessive drain on the free hotel wifi this weekend, I was not able to get as much work done as planned. Tonight was spent catching up on a few things until I realized there is something terribly wrong with the laptop. Guess it's going back to the hospital.

Thanks to the armadillo household, the craft nest has a nearly full box of nicotine gum. I think the recommended dosage is way too high, so I plan to use it only when absolutely necessary. Cold turkey may create far too much drama. The feeling of taking such a big plunge is really liberating! I am gnawing on piece number two, hoping it doesn't cause me to have yet another bout with insomnia. The fitful sleeping during the past month is taking a toll on my addled brain. I want to drink a glass of wine to help me feel drowsy, but that's just another trigger I need to avoid.

The need for cheer has never been more urgent, so here are two links that make me smile:

A lovely, classy friend of mine posted a link to the next purse I need to buy.

Bringing together two great loves, the open source embroidery project is nothing short of fabulous.

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