Sunday, August 16, 2009


Patternless Skirt
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(This blog entry was cobbled together from several lesser drafts sitting in my folder. Instead of posting separately like a rational person, I am dumping the entire lot here. Commence the disjointed rambling!)

My newest friend has taught me how to sew! (Or at the very least, how to use a sewing machine without trepidation or abject terror.) A confession needs to be made at this time about my collecting habits. The yarn stash finally appears gargantuan compared to my fabric stash. For many years, I scoured thrift stores, Ebay sellers, estate sales and clearance bins with the sole purpose of obtaining fabulous/original/quirky fabric. This has been a sideline addiction, going unnoticed and unchecked for over a decade. My closet is bursting at the seams with plastic bins full of bolts and remnants that I always "intend to do something with". The time has finally arrived for me to stop procrastinating and begin clearing out old materials and making room for new things. At the very least, I want to make my closet manageable for the first time in my adult life.

I continue to be plagued with low-light conditions in my apartment, so recent photos are not the greatest quality until I can purchase adequate lighting and a better camera (image stabilization is NOT overrated). The project pictured here is actually far more vibrant in real life and I love it, flaws and all. This is a gathered skirt with a wide waistband, trimmed with grosgrain ribbon and rickrack. I have not figured out which shirt to wear with it, but there is sure to be something appropriate out there.

The weekend at San Japan was wonderful! I met new friends and spent time with old ones. For me, the entire four days went off without a real hitch. I can attribute this to the hardworking staff who made it possible for the convention to run so smoothly. My flight immediately followed the charity auction today, making it impossible for me to get a final total. Once the Austin Browncoats finish working their magic, the auction will be finalized. Their tireless efforts truly made the difference this weekend.

Surprisingly, I am still awake. My "sleeping in a strange bed insomnia" mixed with my current "stress-related insomnia", creating an obnoxious cocktail which has wreaked hate on my body.

After sweating straight through six outfits this weekend, I am waiting for laundry to finish drying. Thanks to the scary flea infestation, my sheets are also being washed again to alleviate any lingering paranoia. The stupid life cycle of the pests has finally been broken and it's only a matter of time before my home returns to normalcy. I can't wait to stop vacuuming on a daily basis. The bruising caused by excessive housecleaning had to be explained far too many times this weekend.


Anonymous said...

I would love to see the pattern to the patternless skirt! After years of crocheting only rectangular objects (blankets, scarves, the occasional potholder...), you have inspired me to learn knit, and now you have inspired me to sew again. Most excellent.

Clarine said...

If allowed to do so, I will post the pattern. This may be her 'secret recipe'! Regardless, there will be other pattern recommendations on the way.

How is the knitting coming along? It's interesting to hear from someone who normally crochets.