Monday, December 28, 2009

Damson No Longer in Distress

Damson Shawl
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The holidays are finally over and the car remains in poor condition. The result? A lot of knitting time at home.

Officially, I decided to go shawl-crazy. There are dozens of skeins in my stash, begging to be used on projects other than socks. Most of the yarn has been dyed in short color repeats and may not adequately show off stitch-definition. This calls for a lot of experimentation.

The reason for the new craze is the completion of the gorgeously simple Damson shawl. Instead of using the bamboo blend initially earmarked for the project, I decided to start over with superwash merino. The change in game plan was a good one, indeed. When I used the right yarn, the problems focusing on the pattern quickly went away. It's funny what a little enthusiasm will do.

As penance for my selfish knitting, I am now working on a long-promised scarf for my aunt. She requested off white wool and this is absolute torture for someone like me, who prefers vibrant colors. I settled on the Midwest Moonlight scarf in Cascade 220. Due to the difference in gauge, I cast on 33 stitches instead of the recommended 49. If I have enough yarn left over, I will also make her a hat as an apology for being delinquent.

Another project in the works this week is the mass purging of books and miscellaneous craft supplies. In order to simplify my life, many items need to be either sold or donated to make my home less overwhelming. Perhaps if I make enough money, the car repairs can be expedited. If the financial compensation ends up being low, at least I can feel a little more sane in my own environment.


blueyed wench said...

Like the colors.

Deb G. said...

I love the way that pattern shows off the colour variation in the yarn-- it's gorgeous! Vivid purples are a favourite with me...