Sunday, January 31, 2010

First Knits of the Year

The year was kick-started with a craft day at a dear friend's house. She invited a number of ladies and we shamelessly indulged in knitting, cross stitch, hand-tinting and sewing. Plenty of wine, gossip and homemade spinach dip was consumed. All told, our first gathering was a great success. The next one is scheduled and this is probably a good opportunity to finish up some of the projects promised to friends.

Speaking of which, a long-overdue obligation project has been completed. Several more are awaiting my time and attention. Hopefully, all items for family and friends will be out of the queue within the next few months. This includes a few sweaters languishing on the needles. After all, I can’t allow myself to start new garments when the old ones are still sitting around.

This afternoon, I finished a hat intended for a friend. Should have swatched, because the hat is too small and will have to be given to a child to wear. I have not knit cables in a while and forgot they would not stretch to the proper size. My version was made from Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride worsted-weight and size 7 needles. Bad, bad idea.

The Noro Silk Garden purchased at the end of the year is almost completely gone. I made the spiral hat, fingerless mitts and the usual mistake-rib scarf (pictured). The colors are a blend of both icy and warm tones. Once the scarf is off the needles, the yarn can officially be considered de-stashed.

There are three charity auctions coming up in April, so I am toying with the idea of knitting up a few items. Decided to post a poll to see what people are interested in purchasing. Anyone have suggestions? I am open to anything that is relatively quick to finish.


Lissa said...

I've been knitting fingerless gloves like mad - in worsted yarn, the Vancouver Fog mitts pattern knits up in a couple of days. And a pair of Ysolda Teague's Veyla take about a week. Men's mitts would be easy to knock up, or Dashing is a good pattern.

Cowls might be useful too, you could probably whip out a bunch of those in your sleep.

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