Sunday, August 5, 2007

AtsuiCon Panel Update

Despite the discombobulation caused by the convention's rough start, I think my first "Crafts for Cosplay and Charity" panel was a success. I am never sure what people are interested in, so I jumped from topic to topic to see what struck a chord. Luckily for me, attendance was respectable and the people were chatty. My main goals in holding this type of panel are to introduce people to others with similar interests and to start an exchange of information. To my great surprise and delight, both of these things happened. If any attendees are reading this, I only need to mention "Epoxy Man" as a perfect example. I was also very relieved to find a microphone in the room, especially since there was a band playing rock music next door. If anyone is familiar with a hotel convention center, then you know the walls are removable and paper thin. I thank all of you for being so supportive since I am not comfortable speaking in public and hosting a panel by myself is a really big step. As promised, I am posting links to the websites either I, or someone in the audience, referenced.

  • Chibi Octopus pendant

  • Shojo Beat - Katamari Damacy Earmuffs

  • Phoenix Dress

  • Knitted Sushi

  • Etsy - DIY Craft Sales

  • Japanese Craft Book Resource

  • Ravelry - Online Knitting & Crochet Community

  • I am also very pleased to report that the charity auction was a huge success! I have not received a final total from the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, but I will post it as soon as the information is available. Due to some logistical issues with the convention, we were unable to hold a silent auction as planned. Special thanks are needed for Sarah, who donated a number of fuzzy, handmade scarves to the charity auction on Sunday. Any other handmade items donated to me by supporters will be used at Oni-Con in Houston in October. Proceeds will benefit the Make a Wish Foundation.


    Zabet said...

    w00t! Glad everything went well!

    Neal 'DJ Laen' Alton said...

    I just happen to run across this blog. If anyone was this wondering after all this time, the final total of the charity auction was $4000! Even with the mishaps of the night before (raising $11,936 to keep the convention going), people still had more to give at this "revenge auction" in the name of the scam con, Tour for the Cure in Las Vegas. I'd like to thank Clarine ince again for attending AtsuiCon. She will always be welcomed. ^_^
    And yes, AtsuiCon is back summer of 2009!