Sunday, August 26, 2007

Showing my "T"

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At last, I have a silly photo of myself wearing the completed vest. I could have taken a better picture without my chest sticking out, but sheer laziness prohibited me from doing so.

There are a few quick projects that I need to start working on, now that I am sailing through the latest pair of socks. Muscle memory is a lovely thing, indeed. I am dreading the red scarf project a little, mainly because I get bored knitting scarves. There are several patterns that will keep my interest, so I hope to cast on sometime this week.

Necessity and finances have caused me to revisit my stance on baring my yarn stash for the world to see on Ravelry. I have received several requests for projects and after going through my bins, I found all of the yarn I need. If I break down and take photos of my materials, I won't run into the problem of buying excess yarn. Yes, that seems to be the theory of the day. I just performed a massive update to my stash online and will continue to toil away until every bit of yarn is available to view. If I keep everything in plain sight, I may start actually knitting from the massive stash instead of feeling the need to keep purchasing. This is A LOT of photography and data entry, but I must give myself a reality check.