Monday, August 20, 2007

Of Nerd Vests and Charity Auctions

At long, egregious last, I have completed my Pi Vest! Photos will be available forthwith, as soon as I finish the blocking. This is my first garment and while I am not 100% pleased with my work, I am so glad I was finally inspired to drag out the UFO, shake the dust off and finish an article of clothing for once.

There are several more things to finish this week before I am allowed to progress with my new projects. I have a feeling the plush toy will be ready, and perhaps the ill-fated strawberry purse. Although this is a quick knit, it is not a pleasant one. I will be happy to have a final product ready so I can swear off knitting this again. As cute as strawberries are, I can't abide an irritating colorwork project. This is not a fault of the pattern, as it is a reflection of my aversion to tedious knitting.

I finally received a total from the charity auction at Atsuicon and we raised $3,886 for the Houston Komen Foundation. I think this was an enormous amount of money, considering how few people had cash by the end of the weekend. I really appreciate the incredible generosity of the donors, as well as the support we received from both the convention and the guests. I can't believe what was possible in a situation where we fully expected a low turnout. Thanks again to everyone who supported the charity and went above and beyond to make this happen!

Speaking of charity auctions, there are two more this year before we get to take a break. Some items will be sent up to Nan Desu Con on September 14-16th. Although Carrie and I will not be there, we feel confident that the convention will take good care of the auction. October 19-21st, Carrie and I will attend Oni-Con where we will have a blowout raffle and silent and live auctions benefiting both the Make a Wish Foundation and The Dream Foundation. This is something very meaningful to me on a personal level, and we have a lot of anime companies and crafters who have donated their precious time and resources to make our efforts a success.

In my usual non sequitur fashion, I taught another man how to knit. And how did he repay me? With the stunning Colinette Jitterbug Tapis. I don't normally accept bribes, but then again, yes I do.

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