Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Nancy Drew. Yeah, That's Me.

Lady Detective Hat
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So... Dee and I have purchased lovely Noro Iro and decided to make the Lady Detective Hats from Knit 2 Together. Her colorway is much better than the purchase I made whilst in Austin. I fully put the onus not on my lack of impulse control, but on the 'yarn high' I had when I entered Hill Country Weavers. Even though I could hear Satan laughing with delight as I carried a full basket to the cash register, I did it anyway. After a few months of surfing Ravelry, I can say I am not alone. Not one jot.

Although the documentation within the book mentions Miss Marple, I felt like Bess from the Nancy Drew stories when I put this hat on for the first time last night. I still need to make the band and affix a buckle. Did I think about matching my wardrobe when making the hat? No. Was there moment of thought that entered my mind saying I will probably never wear it? Absolutely not. All I felt was the impending need to bring back a nostalgic part of my youth, a part that yearned to go back to the first set of mystery novels that sparked a lifelong obsession with the genre.

Now, I am off to create a series of knitwear patterns based on Nero Wolfe. This, I swear.


AllyKatt said...

i just think it's awesome that tracey ullman is a knit guru. i still have her debut album on vinyl...

Zabet said...

Let's see... can you knit a yellow leather chair? A bowl of juniper berries. Purse-able lips?

You got your work cut out for ya!