Tuesday, October 2, 2007

My Knit-Fu is Weak

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After getting cocky about my knitting skills recently, I was humbled by two simple projects. One was the Marsan Watchcap, which recommends increasing 8 stitches for larger heads to accommodate for the crown decrease. My folly was not reading the entire pattern before starting the project. If I had bothered to do so, I would have realized the 8-stitch increase would not work for an 18-stitch crown decrease. To add to the foolishness, I utterly failed to download the laundry list of errata for the Greetings from Knit Cafe book. I trusted the pattern for the yarmulke I am making for Sharky and royally screwed myself after the first batch of short rows. Go team! There is not enough red wine in this world to erase the humiliation.

In the interest of all things narcissistic, I am incredibly proud of my lovely friend/partner in crime, Dee. She has started making hand-dyed sock yarn for sale. The narcissism comes in where I announce that she created a colorway dedicated to me. I felt very complimented and ashamed to admit I felt a pang of warmth in my shriveled, black heart when I read her item description. It's all lies, I swear.

In the midst of pattern crises, I managed to squeeze out the first of my Colinette Jitterbug ball band socks. I have attached the photo of the yarn and if I actually get home while there is enough light, I plan on taking a picture of the first sock. The color pools consistently, so it looks almost like a pattern. The yardage is extremely low and I am gambling on being able to finish the second sock using only one skein. I have large hooves, so this supposition is dubious at best.


Zabet said...

I love that your yarn is marked in all caps: PRICE REDUCED. Not only are you bold and warm, you're nicked and dented, too!

.: love :.

(PS, if I buy the sock yarn named after you is that getting creepy? I really do like the colors, damnit!)

Zabet said...

Fo' realz, it is a lot harder to stalk you when you don't post. Don't make me move to Texas, I won't like it and I'll be much less pleasant.

How was Oni-Con?

AllyKatt said...

*sigh* - i waited too long, and am reduced to clarine LIGHT yarn.

light? LIGHT? there's no light in our coal black hearts!!!

Dee said...

Cold black heart my lily white ass.

yarn store + Clarine = warm red heart times three.