Sunday, November 11, 2007

Triumphant? Return

Connections: A Red Scarf
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I have so much to cover, but little brain power right now. There is a lot going on at work and in my personal life. Plus, holiday knitting has taken the forefront (see the photo as evidence). I can't knit for everyone, but I am trying my best to create items for as many people as possible. Unfortunately, most non-knitters are enamored with scarves. Perhaps they associate scarves with knitting, like afghans and sweaters. People have been surprised when I have offered less time consuming alternatives like hats, gloves and socks. (Admittedly, I don't make socks for most people. Not only do I need specific foot measurements, but I hoard my sock yarn in a way that Gollum would envy.) Two scarves down, one to go. I don't think the third will make it on time, as my patience is waning. Perhaps after I knock out a few of the smaller projects. We'll see.

Besides the knitting, I want to recap what happened at Oni-Con craft panel this year. I am sorry to say the event was not a success this time. It wasn't terrible, but I had several factors working against me. First, the room was locked until after the panel was supposed to start. Many people walked away, assuming it was canceled. Once the room was open, I quickly found that I did not have a table or microphone onstage. For those who know me, I am not comfortable with public speaking in the first place. Having to project my voice (or rather, shout) makes me nervous and is not conducive to the intimate and personal atmosphere I typically prefer. I wish I could be as publicly outgoing as some of my coworkers, but I am simply not wired that way. It was not a complete failure, as several people (including myself) walked away with some really useful information.

My con report, however, is far from dark. I am waiting on a final total from the convention, but the preliminary number from the charity auction was over $6,000! I couldn't believe our success. The staff and attendees were so generous with their support and time. The proceeds will be divided evenly between the Dream Foundation and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Not only am I thankful that we did so well, but I am grateful to my coworkers for supporting the additional workload. We need a lot of prep time and signatures to make the auctions possible.

Well, enough with the sappy. There are finally Choo-Choo Bear corsets available for sale! I am so happy that Randy will finally infiltrate goth clubs in a way he didn't expect (or desire).


Jayme said...

I do not have your personal e-mail address. Lame, I know. Drop me a line at my gmail address and I will send stuff on to you from there.

Also, I look forward to seeing your finished Central Park Hoodie! I have knit very little in the last month or so, but I did finish up my Princess Leia Endor costume for Halloween. I don't know how recognizable I would have been if Chris hadn't looked so awesome in his Han costume.

Oh, and I'm finally on the list awaiting Ravelry. I was trying to hold off until they made the site public, but there was too much temptation. I'll let you know when they finally allow me in! :)

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