Sunday, November 25, 2007

T-Day Recap

Snowflake Coasters
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The final count of FOs from this weekend is three. I really feel I could have done a better job. Certainly this was nothing short of a miracle, considering family obligations and a post-Thanksgiving dinner with friends.

My mother's feast on the day itself was incredible. I don't know how she pulled off the shocking amount of food and dessert present. She is really a superhero and no one can convince me otherwise.

On Saturday, the hideously talented Miss Dee made a cake so delicious and fattening that I swear I heard Satan laughing when I took a second piece. I should write an open letter to Paula Deen expressing my admiration at her sheer disregard for health concerns when flavor is involved. My love for traditional pumpkin pie was displaced in a manner that was both disturbing and rapid.

Also, Mr. Dee really outdid himself with the turkey. He brined it overnight in a mixture of vegetable stock, salt and honey. First thing in the morning, he started smoking the meat on the grill. After a large number of Thanksgiving dinners, I can state I have never tasted such moist meat. Yes, I said that. And in a public forum, no less.

Now on to the knitting news. The three FOs were the snowflake coasters, simple cable beanie (in hunter green) and the pair of dark brown Fetching gloves for myself. I am on another pair of the same gloves and plan on switching to another gift project to avoid boredom. I still have a lot to do before the dreaded day arrives. There is a sushi toilet roll cover, another hat, Calorimetry, a robot, a sweetheart bag and a few other projects that I want to squeeze in. Ambitious is not my middle name. More like delusional.

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