Sunday, November 18, 2007


Jitterbug Ballband Socks
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Despite rampant rumors about the large number of 'acceptable' knots in skeins of Colinette Jitterbug, I have been lucky enough to have two very nice skeins in my stash. They were, in fact, so tempting that I immediately knit them both up. Not only were the colors vibrant, but the yarn was both soft and smooshy and had a nice twist. There are, however, a few drawbacks that bother me. The ball band pattern was a perfect mindless project to work on while having conversations with friends. This being said, I felt I *had* to use their pattern because the yardage is very low for the price. After altering the largest size by increasing the leg length to 47 rows, decreasing the foot to 36 rows and decreasing the toe to 20 stitches, I had barely enough yarn left for mending purposes. This ended up being OK, but knitter beware... The biggest issue I had was the dye itself. The Fruit Coulis colorway pictured here held up in the washer. Unfortunately, the Tapis colorway from a previous post did not do so well. The bright red and dark brownish black faded quite a bit and I felt the sock looked older after only one wash. Luckily, both socks were for my feet, so I can avoid the guilt of giving a present that may disappoint someone.

After embarking on this new sock knitting fetish, I have discovered some interesting things. My feet have always dropped to freezing temperatures when I sleep at night. I read somewhere that poor blood circulation is a genetic trait with my race, so this is not too surprising. A few 100% wool socks later, the problem no longer exists! There is something to be said about a craft that enables me to sleep in comfort.

The secret gift project has been completed and is awaiting a mailing. I will send it early to the bad man, who should guess what it means if he is as clever as the rumors lead me to believe. A photograph will be posted after he has played my little game.

Speaking of gift knitting, I am dying to selfishly work on my sweater project. I have to keep telling myself that I will be allowed to do so after Christmas. Not only do I have a few more pairs of Fetching to finish, but there is another scarf and several more hats waiting in the wings.

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