Saturday, December 8, 2007

Gambled and Lost

J. Knits
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Knitting for the holidays is really burning me out, but I am finally nearing the end of the line. I swore I wouldn't buy new yarn, but I had a moment of weakness when idly picking through a pile of new sock yarn at my LYS. I feel so... dirty.

Once I finish Josh's hat with the cursed brown yarn, I am probably going to make the sushi toilet tissue cozy. I was briefly distracted with starting a Foliage Bear, but I think I can push past this to complete the necessary knitting. I cannot wait to get back to my Central Park Hoodie once the holidays are over. Seriously, this is just getting silly.


Lissa said...

I am officially avoiding the yarn store and am instead stash-diving for my holiday knitting. It is not easy, but I am trying to take comfort in the knowledge that I told everyone to get me gift certs to my LYS and therefore I stand to CLEAN UP. After the holidays, sock yarn all 'round the MidCities is in serious danger.

Dee said...

I wanna go too....can I just hold the bags? That way I don't get in trouble for bringing things home. Luckily Mike hasn't said, "Why can't you just dye it? It's so much cheaper." Still doesn't understand this is a addiction, does he?