Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Mass Exodus

Child's Rainbow Scarf
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Today, the clearing-out-of-the-closet began. This is a task I have avoided for many years. Most of my clothing only fit me at my smallest size and I do not want to be that weight again. I cannot believe I used to think I was "too big". The folly of youth! The size issue, however, is only one piece of the puzzle. I used to be a club kid and the majority of my wardrobe was geared toward evenings out. Lots of velvet, plaid and vinyl, with an occasional skull-print. I feel it's time to let go and get rid of many items I will never wear again. Some of the clothing will stay, but my style has changed so radically that I prefer to replace these items with more mod-themed wardrobe pieces. As the aging process continues, I realize some things are just not appropriate anymore. This makes me sad on one level, but I feel stagnant and can't imagine failing to make some progress. Instead of purchasing cheap pieces of clothing, I want to invest in nicer things. I may pay more money in the short term, but a slew of small purchases adds up. Some of the tanks and skirts which ended up in the "discard" pile were frighteningly skimpy and some body parts, quite frankly, should no longer be on display.

P.S. I posted this scarf to make the armadillo feel better about the hot Buku action.


Cuckoo Armadillo said...

And I do. The colors work really well in situ in a way I wasn't anticipating. That's hot.

Is there any way you can please edit this post to change my name from [what folks call me] to [my blog name]? I appreciate the anonymity!

Good luck with the closet-cleaning; as I am forever reminding folks, "I can barely walk upright," so I am impressed when someone accomplishes an endeavor like that.

Cuckoo Armadillo said...

Merci boku! Err . . .

Caroline said...

I can understand the closet-clearing (something I do on a semi-regular basis; often in a later-regretted haze of self-dislike, but hey...) but you surely have to keep anything with skulls on it!