Friday, April 10, 2009

My So-Called Blog Entry

My So-Called Scarf
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This post is completely disjointed because I have a lot of random bits of news from the past few weeks.

After long deliberation and a spark of laziness, I decided to finally knit My So-Called Scarf. I went on another amazing trip to Minnesota for Anime Detour and decided a two-row stitch pattern would be easy enough to remember and knit up during panels. I wasn't incorrect in this assumption. Plus, there were two skeins of Manos del Uruguay lingering in my stash, forlorn and unused. I have racked up copious amounts of UFOs recently and this is one of the quick and mindless projects perfect for convention-knitting. This is my excuse and I am sticking to it.

The convention was as much fun as the previous two years I attended. Staff and attendees did not disappoint and I am firmly convinced they are the most generous people I have been lucky enough to work with. The charity auction raised over $20,000, which is greatly shocking for a convention with only 4,000 people. If I am not mistaken, this is the highest total to date and the responsibility lies with our auctioneers, Carrie and Chris, and the staff. Although other conventions have done a spectacular job, Anime Detour has completely blown my expectations. So, basically spoiling it for everyone else. Be forewarned...

And how could I forget the lovely and hard-working Detour Jello Squad and Guest Relations staff? I need to think of some inappropriate surprises to send them... and something appropriate for a friend who drove out to see me during the auction. She is beautifully pregnant and I am kicking myself for packing the yarn I want to use for her baby blanket.

Back to the term inappropriate, I am disappointed that my work schedule has hindered my relentless stalking habits. There is an entire issue of The AntiCraft devoted to merkins! This term pops up with alarming regularity during the course of my routine life and a craft-related 'zine spotlighting their existence is an unexpected piece of pure joy.

I am afflicted with a horrible sinus infection and the drugs are making me feel punchy. Although I rarely post links to funny articles or news, my partner-in-crime showed me the best piece of tongue-in-cheek political journalism that I have seen in ages. This is my favorite intentional faux pas derived from the current presidency, even above the accidental slip from earlier this year.

Totally unrelated to everything else, but visiting my doctor to beg for antibiotics yielded unexpected results. We have a routine. They check my weight and blood pressure before allowing me to see a physician. As everyone knows, the scale at the doctor's office always clocks a higher weight than the scale at home. This time? Happiness! I have officially lost 20 pounds. This is not my usual point of discussion in a public forum, but I feel the need to say that the daily compliments on my lifestyle-change and appearance have done wonders for my self esteem.


blueyed wench said...

"Safety First", "Be Prepared" and "Dentata" gave me fits of giggles. I think my unlucky friend shall get something for her bachelorette party.

Happy minus twenty pounds!

oyukichan said...

Hooray for the minus 20!

Thank you!

And holy crap! AntiCraft dedicated to merkins? I, also, had been out of the AntiCraft loop as of late. That is awesome and I must look it up right now.