Sunday, March 29, 2009

Commence the Great House Hunt

After the fear and trepidation of moving in with a roommate last summer, I am ready to strike out on my own again. The decision was made by both parties. Mostly, we despise the house we are living in. Hot water comes at a premium and the bathroom situation is generally abysmal. We get along wonderfully and I truly wish I lived with someone like her when I was younger. Perhaps I would not have ended up being so incredibly cynical if this had been the case. Nevertheless, I am once again hunting for a place to rent that is affordable and charming enough to stay in for a while. We threw a couple of wild parties in the house which has satiated my need to entertain. My credit, while not unblemished, is still in fairly good condition and my rental history is flawless. Chalk that up to an obsessive-compulsive need for perfection.

Now, the stress settles in. The money I planned to use for the move has been completely wiped out by car repairs. This is regular wear-and-tear, but I found out I need to spend triple the obscene amount I originally expected. My luck is ridiculous like this sometimes, so it shouldn't have come as a shock. I just hope my luck in other areas proves its worth. After searching a number of different websites, I found "the perfect place". Although I am not moving soon enough to jump on this deal, it gives me hope. No apartments or similar sketchy situations will be good enough. I want a home that is beautiful and above all, safe. Part of my moving expenses include a large gun, which is within the realm of possibility where I live. This annoys me because it reduces the amount of money I can spend on yarn.

This brings up another financial sticky point. I am fully committed to going back to Yarn School this fall. Thankfully, I can pay in installments. I have deemed this trip necessary to my sanity and plan to stay the course. If all goes well, I will travel there with two wonderful friends to drool over the love of my life, the Kromski Symphony spinning wheel. I have actually dreamed of the Symphony wheel in a mahogany finish, perched in all its beautiful glory in my living room next to a stunning basket full of hand-dyed fiber. My yarn addiction, apparently, has no boundaries. I just wish my bank account would follow suit.

The boyfriend sweater is on brief hiatus while I regroup and go through my worldly belongings, deciding what stays and what goes. In the meantime, I am working on projects long-promised to other friends. I am very close to finishing a special surprise for a very special person.


Cuckoo Armadillo said...

Good on you (and I refer to the whole nine with that). It sounds like you're entering a transformative period with an open mind and sound planning! I would be jealous of the skills you've developed in those respects, but I am far too busy being proud of you and sharpening my own knives in such respects.

My very deepest sympathies on the money front; even so, I must single out two sentences for applause:

"Part of my moving expenses include a large gun, which is within the realm of possibility where I live. This annoys me because it reduces the amount of money I can spend on yarn."

I have a rarefied appreciation for concise synopses of consumer identity, and that was fantastic! If you need someplace to store your yarn stash during the move, the Toritdillo household welcomes large tupperware containers full of yarn with open arms and the promises of empty closets. I had best get to work on that!

Caroline said...

Hmm.... having just found another website (based very near to me) doing hand-spun, hand-dyed sock yarn, I sympathise with anything that reduces your available coinage for buying the stuff.... but a gun?! I think I'm glad I live where I do! Also, do you have any encouragement/thoughts on the sock front? I'm about to try knitting my first ever pair, and I'm ever so slightly terrified.