Saturday, March 21, 2009

Theodore Horstmann Would Be Proud

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Last weekend was packed with field trips for nerdy adults. On Saturday, we converged on the 15th Annual Antique Science & Retro-Tech Show & Swap Meet. Although the convention itself was very small, everyone managed to find something they wanted. I bought the Forbes Handy Accident Reporting Kit, which was a set of rubber stamps depicting various vehicles, stop lights and people. According to the vendor, police used to use the stamps to recreate accidents on their reports. I could not turn up any information online except for a few Ebay sellers who said similar things. Not sure how long ago these kits were used, but it's a nice, slightly bothersome conversation piece. A old speculum was also on sale and after purchasing, I chased my friends around making duck-quacking noises. Apparently, I take any possible opportunity to behave like a juvenile.

Sunday was spent strolling around Gunter's Greenhouse viewing their shockingly large selection of orchids and hybrids. I created a photo set to show off just a few of the lovely flowers we saw. None have proper names attached because the handwritten labels on the plants were nearly illegible. I know the one pictured in this entry is a variant of a lady slipper because Michael took it home. I would have teased him for having a weak moment, if I wasn't seething with undisguised envy.

Knitting has taken a backseat to work responsibilities and will resume sometime this weekend. I have a wedding to attend and afterward, large blue male private parts to view.

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Caroline said...

First off, thanks for the nice comment - and you should go play with your mulberry papers! Secondly, Watchmen was truly awesome, I thought, but then I;'m a comic book geek. Hope you enjoy it!