Tuesday, March 10, 2009

For No Particular Reason

Last Day
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Since I am feeling all craptacular and stressy-like, I decided to turn to the blanket of doom for solace. After knitting a few more lumpy, misshapen "circles", I stepped back and felt slightly mollified when I realized this project is supposed to be very handmade-looking. And ultimately, what do I care? The throw is going to lurk on top of my bed, far away from prying, judgmental eyes. The Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride I have decided to sacrifice to the blankie gods better have at least six circles per skein. If the yarn ends up being a cheap date and only yields five circles, I will have to add another color. This is a good thing for clearing out yarn stash, but not optimal for my chosen palette. Maybe I instinctively chose brighter colors to satiate my need for some cheer. Or maybe, perhaps more accurately, it's simply bad taste.

Part of my dark mood is due to the obscene amount of money I am about to hand over to a service center for repairs on my car. Many months of pushing cash into my savings account are going to be undone in one transaction. The worst of it will not be over even then, because I also need new tires, shocks and an alignment. This car has been extremely reliable and I plan to keep it that way. I truly despise being an adult sometimes.


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Caroline said...

Yeah, know the feeling... So much stuff I want to do with my money, but more stuff I ought/have to do with it... rent/bills/loan repayments/new glasses. I just want to buy craft stuff and books! Hope the yarn proves good.

Clarine said...

I am with you on all counts, especially the bit about new glasses. I have needed a new prescription for quite some time and the saving of funds has severely interfered with my crafty pursuits. This is the main reason why I an knitting down the stash. Le sigh.