Saturday, April 18, 2009

Confession Time

Despite financial woes, I broke down and purchased more yarn from the annual sale at Webs. I didn't spend a lot of money but I feel slightly guilty, nonetheless. In the long run, I think I will be very happy with my soon-to-be $25 sweater. Now, to finish the two sweaters currently on the needles so my current obsession, Owls, can see the light of day (or night).

Nothing much is going on other than self-inflicted trouble. I managed to knock off my driver-side rearview mirror by not paying attention to distance of the garage door. The dealership told me this would cost $250 to replace and suggested duct tape instead. I agree with their assessment and will raise them some super glue.

Since the rotten fence in our back yard decided to fall down and play dead after the last storm, we have put in a call to fix the damage. I hoped we would make it a few more months until the move, but the house has decided to conspire against us.

This weekend, I plan to continue working on my lazy lap blanket so I can eat up the 1,500 yards of worsted weight acrylic in my stash. I have a feeling this will take quite a long time to complete.

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