Friday, June 19, 2009

And Then Some

Five days after my move-in date and I still do not have gas, a dryer or a wireless internet connection! According to my landlord, the water heater is located in another tenant's apartment and she has to unlock the door for the service technician. This would have been valuable information to have before I moved in. The earliest they can arrive is on Monday and I sincerely hope she will respond to the call. If not, then I have more cold showers looming ahead in the near future.

The internet issue is an interesting one. The cable company showed up and did not install everything the way I planned. For one, I was promised a special on the premium channel tier. Apparently, the person I spoke to over the phone lied because no such special exists. This is not a dire situation, but the lack of wireless connectivity poses an issue. The technician was unable to install wifi (despite evidence pointing to the contrary) and the modem doesn't even work. I am calling in my personal tech support (i.e. drinking buddies) to help me solve the problem.

On a happier note, I sold some stash yarn to someone on Craigslist. When perusing my bins to see what I could add to sweeten the pot, I found a colorway that a non-knitting friend of mine adores. Since I have moved closer to her, I believe a gift is in order.

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Jayme said...

The b.s. about the "no such special" on the cable happened to us when we first moved into our apartment in Minnetonka. We had to make some calls, but we eventually got the issue resolved. Apparently with Comcast there are local offices that offer different specials and it's just a matter of getting a hold of the correct one. And customer service reps exist for specific apartment communities and they may offer different deals than the local, regular, Comcast office. What a mess!