Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Good, The Bad and the Annoying

Betsey Johnson Shoes
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Some progress has been made since I last posted, namely in the form of wifi and gas. The exhaust vent for the dryer is still not installed and I noticed the disposal and dishwasher are not in proper working order. Go team!

In the interest of documenting the entire horror, I am sorry to report that a letter from my electric company arrived on Thursday. Elated at the prospect of receiving notice of a service credit, I was crestfallen to see they saw fit to serve me with a disconnection notice if I did not pay a $400 deposit! Odd because I am an existing customer and my account is in good standing. Odd because my credit score would not warrant such a high deposit. Odd because random charges are apparently an acceptable way to do business. I am switching as soon as this billing cycle is over. Mark my furious words, this will be done.

Tired of grousing about the move, a decision was made to talk about my hot new shoes. After losing a lot of weight, buying clothing has become a necessity. Hours of searching in discount clothing stores turned up a cheap pair of Betsey Johnson heels. They typically range from $100 - $250. Total. Score.

After all, let's face it. Any bright spot of cheer is more than welcome at this point.

The chevron scarf for Leah is moving along quite nicely. She absolutely loves the colors and thinks the piece is beautiful. As far as mindless knitting projects are concerned, I can't believe I never made the connection before. This is a memorable four-row repeating pattern that is infinitely portable. When I was a beginning sock-knitter, I bought a lot of 100% wool yarn that wasn't superwash treated. This is a perfect project to pretend my ignorant mistake was done on purpose. The best part? The pattern breaks up the colors in such a way that excessive pooling and flashing doesn't occur. How cool is that?


Cuckoo Armadillo said...

"After all, let's face it. Any bright spot of cheer is more than welcome at this point."

You do realize that I am now going to use this as a mooning excuse.

Zabet said...

Those shoes are the sex.