Sunday, June 7, 2009

Counting Down

Diagonal Blanket
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It is now one week before the lease is signed for the new apartment and I have so much to get straightened out. Several items have been posted to Craigslist for sale and more items have been donated. The yard sale last night was quite a success! I managed to get rid of a large number of items and got good deals on bamboo wallpaper and an antique punchbowl set with twenty four glasses. A donation was made to a friend's hospital bill and in exchange, I was given a bunny and cabbage teapot and some assorted sewing patterns. The items I did not sell will be donated to various charities or put up for consignment. It's high time I began eliminating clutter from my life.

Knitting has been progressing steadily and the lazy blanket is now complete. I haven't taken measurements, but it is a nice size for a throw. Somewhere in the midst of my weighing, I miscalculated the amount of yarn before starting the decreases. This caused me to run out of yarn before finishing the last corner. The decision was ultimately made to call this "character" or 'charm", rather than a "screw-up". Despite my usual elitism against acrylic fiber, the blanket is quite soft and comfortable. Do I regret the impulse purchase? No. Will I do something this silly again? Probably not.

Since the UFOs are packed in boxes, I am working on the Foliage Hat in a burnt orange cashmerino aran weight yarn. Typically, I enjoy following charts but found myself knitting according to the written directions instead. It's a nice change of pace and the hat (so far) is looking quite lovely.

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Caroline said...

Glad you've found somewhere to settle, and that the yard sale went well - I'm facing the need to declutter and sell stuff this month too, but it'll be Ebay for me... including getting rid of some of my craft stuff. And the Foliage Hat is gorgeous - I may have to give it a try!