Monday, October 26, 2009

Mega Cardigan vs. Giant Distraction

Featherweight Cardigan
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(Because, quite honestly, seeing Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus tonight cannot fail to make an impression. The clip that sold all of us prompted a quick addition to the Netflix queue.)

The Featherweight Cardigan made an appearance by continuous knitting throughout the movie. I am nearly halfway through the second sleeve and dread picking up stitches for the collar. Unsurprisingly, I failed at picking up the two stitches under the arms when making the sleeves. There are huge holes that need to be fixed during the finishing process. Since I have decided I love this designer and wish to eventually make the Gooseberry Cardigan, I need to find a solid resource that clearly explains picking up stitches and garment construction. So far, all of the books I own don't seem to adequately cover the topic. When I began knitting, I had no idea how many techniques would remain unexplained. It's almost as if it is assumed that people will figure out certain technical aspects without proper training.

A freak storm knocked out most of the electricity in the neighborhood. I will continue to knit until I actually lose power and have to light candles. The thunder this evening was deafening.


blueyed wench said...

I don't know how many times I've run into a technique, and rather than looking it up I just decide to wing it. Even more surprisingly, I don't know why I never seem to learn from this refusal to research first... or why most of the time it seems to work out just fine.

Jayme said...

If you find an adequate description of picking up stitches, let me know too. I just wing it and hope it's right. Whenever I've had to do it so far it has turned out alright, but I could be doing it completely wrong. Knitting is not a hobby for those who need comprehensive instructions.

Cuckoo Armadillo said...

Mega SHART vs. Giant Rape Octopus of Rape. That is all I have to say about that. Sharts and rape.

Vieva said...

Actually, picking up a stitch isn't that hard, but it helps to just use a crochet hook and grab a handy loop that's in the right place.

That's how I do it - I take a hook, find a handy loop, and stick it onto the needle the yarn is coming off of. (for most people that would be the left. For me it's the right). Then I knit it as normal.

It's a LOT easier with a crochet hook!

ladys said...

Hey, I followed the link from S*P and was pretty pleased to find out you're a knitter too. Picking up stitches is an epic pain. But the Yarn Harlot posted which shows the two ways to pick up stitches and I found to be really useful. Hope it helps ^^