Thursday, October 15, 2009

Under Lock and Key

Striped Scarf
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Finally, my exhaustion this week is explained. This morning, I was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection. Thankful it isn't the flu! As a result, my doctor has recommended that I stay home from work. There is a lot to do and my body has decidedly inconvenient timing. Perhaps it's better that I am taking sick time because my brain feels fuzzy and the featherweight cardigan is mindless enough to allow me to indulge in some knitting. Surely no one at work wants my sneezing, corpse-like body passing out germs like candy (despite being in the true spirit of Halloween).

Guess my own brand of self-help will be a blitz of new hats that I will rarely ever wear in the Texas heat! I am dying to go into serious production with a few of the patterns in my queue: 1 Across, Piper, Hurricane, Cairn, Phoncible, Noro Spiral One-Skein, Fake Isle, Zinnia Dahlia and Slacker.

For the time being, I will continue the cardigan and perhaps the laziest scarf in all creation (pictured). I have no idea why this is taking me so long to finish, but motivation is lacking. For some reason, I will only work on this while watching recorded episodes of Warehouse 13. Interesting premise, but it really made me crave episodes of the Friday the 13th television series. Incidentally, this is now available for purchase, albeit at a prohibitive price point. Guess this Christmas will be full of requests for Amazon gift certificates so I can buy all of the crappy TV-on-DVD sets my tasteless heart and mind desire.


Lissa said...

Pho. Someone I knew ages ago swore pho cured all ills. I've gone out and gotten it a few times while sick and it did seem to help a lot.

Feel better!

Cuckoo Armadillo said...

I've already got your gift picked out and it isn't that, so TOUGH DOODIE, SISTER.